Love Yourself Christopher Isaacs



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Learning to love who you are through meditation.



・素材 :キャンバス、油絵具

・サイズ:(HxDxW) 50cm x 45cm x2.5






クリストファーアイザクス Christopher Isaacs



My work is about counterbalancing a world full of hostility and hatred with positivity and self growth through the act of painting. Using story-telling elements, I explore ideas of self-worth, social anxiety, and self-doubt. Meditating on these negative attributes – with the process of painting – I confront these emotional traits head-on in an attempt to accept and reconstruct them into a positive framework for my life. Opening up the internal struggle to the public, I hope to inspire people to be thoughtful of their own insecurities and fight back to develop a love and understanding for themselves. Focusing on my work through intense visual detail, I break down impossible tasks into small, daily sections which lead to a complete project. Implementing this same concept to my own self development, I grow as a person both visually and internally through each painting. Each project I endeavour to have people believe in themselves when nobody else will. By turning inwards to focus on their work as well as their own character, one can come out on the other side of the process as a greater person.